Bullseye Precision Vacuum Gauge with 536 KF-25 Sensor

A rugged portable vacuum gauge for processing applications that pairs unparralled vacuum measurement with the Agilent 536 sensor that has an integrated baffel which provides protection and helps reduce risk of sensor failure.


  • Visual graphing to detect problems in real time (leak, pump, outgas, stable) and has 12 measurement units
  • Analytics to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends
  • Quick reading of vacuum level through large number display with back light
  • Has a strong magnet for hands-free operation
  • Long battery life and micro USB for in-lab use


The Bullseye Precision Gauge 536 is the ideal vacuum gauge for processing. It is portable but has a strong magnet and has the ability to quickly detect vacuum trends, including leaking, pumping and outgassing. This Bullseye Gauge comes pre-calibrated with an Agilent 536 KF25 sensor.



Numeric & Graphical Displays

  • See vacuum readings in either numbers or easy-to-read graphs
  • Has 12 measurement units for implementation in almost any vacuum application
  • Torr, mbar, bar, kPa, inches of Hg, mm Hg, millitorr, microns, inches of water, PSI, Pa



Calibrated & Precise

  • Delivered pre-calibrated with Agilent/ Varian 536 thermocouple sensor under actual vacuum against the NIST standard
  • The 536 all stainless steel sensor with baffle has extended sensor life in the presence of condensable gases and improved performance at higher pressures
  • Measurement range:  .001 Torr to 800 Torr
  • Accuracy:  ◊   1 to 99 millitorr ±2 millitorr or 20 %   ◊   100 to 2,000 millitorr ±10 %   ◊   2 to 6 torr ±25 %
  • Vacuum Interface: KF25 use with the Stainless NW25 Wing Clamp
  • Wetted materials: 304L Stainless steel, glass, Type P thermocouple
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS



Extended Battery Lifespan

  • Portable | Solid state electronics built into a handheld gauge that operates using AA batteries that lasts up to 70 hours
  • In-lab use | keep charged with the integrated Micro USB port for power when operating on a vacuum system



Ideal Vacuum Gauge for Processing Applications

  • Laboratory, freeze drying, low pressure distillations, foreline monitoring, schlenk lines performance, and transformer dry-out
  • Or any application with higher levels of condensables where sensor failure is more likely



  • Visual graphing feature right on the display
  • Vacuum analytics to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends
  • Graphical display for quick determination of vacuum level
  • Hands-Free with a “hang up your overalls” strong magnet
  • Long battery life and versatility with 12 different measuring units including micron, Torr, and inches of mercury
  • See detail specs on DigiVac's website




 Model  BPG
 Units  Torr, mbar, bar, kPa, Inches of Hg, mm Hg, millitorr, microns, inches of water, PSI, Pa
 Range  1E-4 - 1000 Torr
 Accuracy  0.001 - 2.0 Torr
 Vacuum level  1 micron
 Vacuum reference  Absolute
 Sensor  531 Thermocouple Plus (PN: SEN-VGT500)
 Vacuum connector  FK25/NW25
 Panel mount  No
 Portable  Yes
 Shipping weight  2 Lb
 Shipping dimensions   11 x 10 x 4 inches
 Operator's manual  Download
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