MCS 77 Hotplate/Stirrer, Programmable, 120V 60Hz

With modern microprocessor technology advancing, self monitoring and programmable magnetic stirrers found their way into today’s labs. The RS485 interface provides a means for networking with other lab equipment or a computer. A 5-step timer system allows for generation of user–defined temperature and stirring profiles. Hotplate and probe temperature, motor speed and temperature slope can be defined for each timer step.
M 26G2 unit has been developed for discerning users who value safety as paramount in their laboratories. A second PT100 sensor can be connected to the M 26G2 to switch off the unit if preset safety temperature is reached.

Programmable magnetic stirrer with a 5-stage multifunctional timer that enables the execution time, the temperature setpoints, the temperature gradient and the motor speed to be set separately for each timer step and thus to create user-specific heat ramping and stirring profiles. A number of active and passive safety functions protect both the device and the medium.

  • Swiveling illuminated display
  • External PT100 connection
  • Contact thermometer connection
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Infinitely variable speed
  • Safety temperature
  • Timer function
  • Programmable multifunctional timer
  • Ramp function
  • RS485 interface (RS232 possible via adapter)
Speed ​​range [1 / min] 60-1600
Temperature range [° C] Rt (+5) - 330
Heating power [W] 500
Shape of the heating plate round
Heating plate type Anodizing
Suitable for round bottom flasks -
Suitable for oil or sand bath -
Dimensions of the heating plate [mm] Ø 140
Digital display type LCD
Speed ​​display Yes
Temperature display Yes
Timer display Yes
Timer function Yes
Ramp function Yes
Stirring amount, max. (H2O) [l] 10
Accuracy of the temperature control [° C] -
Accuracy of temperature control [° C]
(with external sensor)
± 0.2
Interfaces for external sensors PT100, KTA
Programmable safety temperature Yes
interface RS485
Power supply [V] 115VAC 60Hz
Weight [kg] 3.9
Width (mm] 180
Height [mm] 115
Depth [mm] 250
Degree of protection according to DIN EN 60529 IP32
Motor type DC
Motor rotation CCW
Operating mode Endurance run
Certification CE