Crystal Ball Bong

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Goldleaf Scientifics new line of pipes are hand made alongside our in-house scientific glass production. We use scientific glassblowing to bring innovation to modern glassware by being the first to add lab grade silvering, along with a ring style base, and scalloped tubing. Using silvering and scalloped tubing, our pipes have a unique style that reflects the scientific inspiration. 

Many tests were done to create ideal spacing for bubble production by properly scaling the inner perk to the dimensions of the encapsulating ball, better utilizing the "incycler" perk. The handcrafted perks and thoughtful assembly leads to profound function with a high class feel from the scientific style of glass. Below the neck of the pieces there are drains with a cap to make emptying the pipe very easy and prevents water from becoming permanently stuck, a problem with many other complex designs.

This release provides a wide variety of products with different looks, silvering, and variations that sit on a unique ring style base. Backed by a sturdy supply chain for bulk orders with short lead times, our in-house manufacturing also allows for customizations upon request.


Joint Size: 14mm Female 90 degrees 


Drain Port: GL 14 cap


Perk Style: Incycler


Height: 8"


Water in MLs: 75MLs


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