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Benchtop Reactors


Glass Benchtop Reactors by Goldleaf Scientific

High quality, heavy wall 3.3 borosilicate glass reactor bodies with high torque stirring motor, ptfe seals and valves, ring baffles, and more. Several options available based on sized and insulation.

-Single and Double Jacketed options available. 

-Single jacket connects to recirculating heater or chiller for temperature control

-Double Jacketed for vacuum insulation preserving heat energy. 

-Ptfe seals are chemically inert

-Feeding Funnel for measuring input of solution

-Reflux Condenser connects to chiller to capture any vapors

Benchtop laboratory reactors are chemical reaction vessels employed within laboratory environments for the purposes of research, development, and experimental validation. Engineered to control reactions on a reduced scale for small samples or testing procedures.

Key characteristics of benchtop laboratory reactors include:

1. Smaller Size

These reactors can be placed easily on tables or under fume hoods for volatile solvents. Typically, they have capacities range from 500mLs to 150 liters.

2. Controlled Environment

Benchtop reactors provide a regulated environment where temperature, pressure, agitation, and reaction duration are carefully controlled. This level of precision enables researchers to adjust reaction conditions.

3. Multiple Uses

Benchtop laboratory reactors are versatile, applying to a wide range of chemical reactions including chemical synthesis, crystallizing, filtering, testing, and more. Various designs offer different stirring methods, thermal regulation systems, and monitoring instruments tailored to specific reaction requirements.

4. Safety Features

Benchtop reactors come with safety measures designed to prevent accidents and protect personnel. Including temperature and pressure sensors, mechanisms to relieve extra pressure, and emergency shutdown protocols.

Benchtop laboratory reactors are essential tools, allowing for controlled experimentation, optimizing processes, and research. Contributing to advancements in diverse fields from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and material science.

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