Nested Erlenmeyer Bong

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The Nested Erlenmeyer bong is a first of its kind. We used a smaller erlenmeyer flask inside as the percolator and another erlenmeyer flask as the outer body. The large displacement of the inner flask creates a wall of bubbles that fill the middle layer. The hit is very smooth and with little to no restriction. For optimal bubble production hit the bong when it is level and not tilted in any direction. Use a 90° banger or adapter with a male end.

We created this style with two options (straight mouth piece, or sidecar). The sidecar mouthpiece comes off at a 45° angle and the straight version is straight up with no bends or anytihing. They both hit the same. We also created this style in 3 different sizes. The smallest 250mL is best for oil and the 500mL is good for flower and oil. The 1000mL is fairly large and generally works best with flower. We didn't create a sidecar version in this size.

This version does not include a rodaviss style joint, but you can find that option here

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