O-ring for 100mm Schott Flange, Viton

O-ring for flasks, reaction vessels, and lids with Schott style flange. Available in Viton, FEP encapsulated Viton, and FEP encapsulated silicone. FEP casing provides similar level of resistance to harsh chemicals as PTFE, but the core is soft to make these O-rings more compressible and provide a better seal. Viton is resistant to a wide variety of harsh chemicals but should not be exposed to acetone, MEK, or other ketones. Silicone maintains better resilience to long term exposure to extreme temperatures.

Temperature Range:
Viton: -30 to 200°C
FEP Encapsulated Viton: -15 to 205°C 
FEP Encapsulated silicone: -62 to 205°C