Pure-Flo B80 Natural Bentonite, (for Bleaching & Decolorizing Edible Oils *FDA-GRAS)

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Pure-Flo® B80 Natural Bentonite is a cost effective and extremely gentle clay with strong purification properties. Naturally active B80 poses no threat of mineral acid carryover or degradation in any finished oil products while significantly reducing pigments and chlorophyll. 

A typical dosage of B80 (anywhere between 0.5% and 1.0%) during the bleaching and deodorizing process can help achieve a great improvement in the color complexion by removing red pigmentation. B80 will also help remove phospholipids, odors, and heavy metals.

All manufacturing process includes modern hygiene controls at every stage in the production of Pure-Flo products. Controls follow the HACCP approach consistent with EU Regulations. The HACCP system used in our production process is certified by NSF, an independent certification organization.

ph Level: 7.2

Can also be used to clarify liquids as a fine filtration medium, or as a fining agent in wine and beer

FDA GRAS-Approved (Generally Recognized as Safe):  This product is regarded to be safe for food processing, as long as it's not a part of the end product being consumed. 

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