Short Path Kit, Gemstone Series

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The "Gemstone" series short path is the most unique creation in scientific glassblowing in the last 50 years. We used channeled tubing in certain sections which gives it a distinct gemstone type optical effect. Most scientific glassblowing designs incorporate inflated bulbous sections or rings to increase the surface area. An example would be an Allihn condenser. We found that channeled tubing has a larger inner surface area than standard tubing without the need for creating rings.
The channels also reduce vortexes, eddies, and other flow distortions which creates a more laminar flow type effect. This allows more intimated contact between the materials which results in greater overall separation and speed.
The short path head column section sizing was optimized for distilling viscous materials and has large diameter, wide bore tubing throughout. This allow much greater conductance and lower operational vacuum levels (perfect for high vacuum pumping systems). We angled the floor of the reflux collector section which prevent materials from accumulating there preventing contamination from earlier fractions.
We also created a unique interlocking nested fractional column insert using the channel tubing. Each tube can be nested inside the other and allows the user to add or remove them as needed for greater flow, or better separation. Instead of creating a joint on top of the head which could leak, we created a way for the nested column to be inserted from the bottom and held in place. This allows us to seal the thermowell into the top portion of the head.
The conical standard tapered joint connecting to the boiling flask was eliminated. The conical joints were prone to excessive thermal loss in high temperature distillations and often cause material to condense there and choke the flask neck. We created a PTFE insert with o-ring which creates a high vacuum seal between the head and flask and is positioned inside a jacketing section to retain the heat. This not only increases performance, it eliminated the need for grease and the possibility of contamination.
The condenser section of the head also uses the channeled tubing to maximize surface area but we included a bulbous inner tube (ala Allihn condenser) positioned in the upper portion of the condenser and out of the way of condensed liquid material on the floor. This adds some extra condensing power to the vapor portion of the condenser. We did the same thing with the auxiliary condenser but included a coil inside instead of straight bulbous inner tube.

In this kit:

  • Digital heating/stirring mantle with built in top flask heating jacket
  • Digital vacuum gauge
  • Complete set of short path distillation glassware
  • Digital thermometer
  • Clamps, stands, valves
  • Stir bars, vacuum grease, keck clips, etc.
  • Detailed instructions for set-up and operation
  • Free customer support for life

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