Single Jacket, Non-lifting Glass Reactor

$5,390.00 Excl. tax
Lead time: 2-4 weeks

The Goldleaf Scientific Glass Reactor is a versatile laboratory machine. The outer jacket allows you to use a chiller or heater to circulate fluid so that you can keep the contents at your desired temperature for as long as needed. The PTFE coated impeller with high torque motor can stir and agitate your sample. The combination of controlled heating/cooling and agitation is ideal for many laboratory applications including:

  • Liquid to liquid extraction
  • Solid to liquid extraction
  • Chemical reactions
  • Bulk heating/cooling
  • Distillation

For a brief video of the reactor and its uses, click here.

*Not recommended for pressure applications. Internal pressure can be relieved by using the reflux condenser.

*Always reduce concentration of residual flammable solvents from spent material to a safe level before removing from sealed machine.

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