Terpene Refinement and Isolation Systems by Goldleaf Scientific

Min: $0 Max: $8000

Terpene Refinement is the next step in the evolution of cannabis extraction and processing. 

Smell and flavor are the indicators of a good vape cartridge. Many cartridges use a variety of flavoring from synthetic derived terpene blends, to hemp and cannabis derived terpenes. Most of these products are easily copied and marketed in mass, driving the value of other brands down. As commoditized products flood a saturated market, one thing can set a brand apart.

Using short path distillation, we have a system capable of pulling delicate terpene compounds from a crude oil and preserving them. Most distillation setups are oriented around collecting cannabinoids such as THC, which is much heavier than volatile terpenes.

Our new Terpene Refinement System is oriented around low temperature collection of the highest quality terpene profiles. See all of the information on our new system by clicking the product listings below or our white paper and buyers guide. 


White Paper - Terpene Refinement System | Buyers Guide - Terpene Systems