Goldleaf Scientific - Vacuum Trap, Immersion Style, 1-Piece w/ Diffusion Holes 35mm Barb

A vacuum trap or "cold trap" is used to prevent vapors from entering your vacuum pump and contaminating your vacuum pump oil. If your vacuum pump ingests vapor it can be detrimental to performance and longevity of the pump. It is crucial to protect your vacuum pump in order to reach and maintain the required vacuum level, and prevent costly and unnecessary oil changes.

We made these immersion traps for high vacuum systems. We created a single piece trap to reduce any change of leakage. We increased the diameter of tubing through maintaining >25mm inner diameter for use with diffusion pumps and other high vacuum systems.

Diffusion holes near the bottom create turbulence in the vapor stream which causes and increases residence time for the vapor in the trap. This serves as a final trapping mechanism to remove any residual vapor before entering the vacuum pump. We typically pair these with a dewar trap and it is small enough to fit inside of the dewar trap with plenty of room for dry ice or even an immersion probe.