X 120 Portable Homogenizer

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The X 120 homogenizer is small in size but powerful. Perfect for portable applications or homogenizing small volumes (0.2ml-1500ml). Of course, like all of our dispersion drives, it can be operated on a stand. Compatible with T6 / T10 / T17 shafts.

  • Portable
  • High speed
  • Food-safe shafts

T = shaft with PTFE stock: This shaft type is for standard applications (for liquid media such as water, oil, etc.) suitable . 

*Dry running is not permitted


Speed ​​range [1 / min] 10,000 - 33,000
Speed ​​range [1 / min] 115V version 5,000-32,000
Motor power [W] 140
Digital display type -
Speed ​​display -
Volume, max. (H2O) [l] 2
Flow rate (H2O) [L / min] -
Chamber cooling -
Inlet and outlet openings, diameter [mm] -
Cold chamber connections, diameter [mm] -
Noise without tools, max. [dB] 86
Dispersing tools T 6, T 10, T 17
Power supply [V] 230VAC 50Hz, 115VAC 60Hz
Weight [kg] 0.75
Height [mm] 220
Diameter [mm] 53
Degree of protection according to DIN EN 60529 IP20
Overheating protection Yes
Overload protection Yes
Motor type DC
Direction of rotation agitator shaft CCW
Operating mode Short-term operation
Certification CE


Shaft Selection Table

X 120 Manual

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