Goldleaf Scientific Overhead Stirrer

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Overhead Stirrer Quick Start Up Guide

This article is designed to help give you an idea of everything you will need to consider when owning and using an overhead stirrer lab mixer. A digital overhead stirrer utilizes a digital display to set exact rpms as opposed to analog overhead stirrers that usually only have buttons and knobs. These units are comparable to other high viscosity brands such as a remi overhead stirrer, scilogex overhead stirrer, heidolph overhead stirrer, ika overhead stirrer, and a caframo overhead stirrer.

For more in depth information, please read the manual for our stirrers.


Mounting your stirrer is simple as long as you have the proper equipment. Should you purchase your stirrer from Goldleaf, we will make sure you have all of the proper accessories needed. The stirrer will require a heavy duty lab stand that can support the high rpms and weight of the unit. This stand will have a wide base and a larger shaft to support the kit. 

There are two poles that come with the stirrer that must be screwed into the back of the unit to properly mount everything. Once your lab stand is set up and the connecting rods are in the stirrer.

Connect both pieces using the heavy duty lab clamp. This clamp will fit the larger lab stand and have holes for the connecting rods on the stirrer. Once everything is tightly mounted on the stand, go ahead and attach the impeller using the provided key to loosen and tighten the chuck. 

-Powering on

Our overhead stirrers do not require any additional power and will work fine on a standard 120v outlet. Plug the unit in, mount it, and power it on by holding down the on button for one second. You will see the digital display power on and you can begin inputting your settings.

-Setting speeds

Once the unit is mounted and powered on, it is time to begin stirring. Make sure you are using a properly sized vessel that can hold your solution at full speed. When everything is lined up, begin turning the speed dial to your ideal setting. See the manual for in depth instructions on setting up the safety speeds and timer.

-Safety features and how they work 

These units have a number of safety features to prevent damage to your stirrer. When a solution becomes too viscous for the stirrer to handle properly, it will slow the rpms to prevent overheating the motor due to high torque.

The stirrer also has a slow start/stop feature that slowly brings the impeller up to speed and back down to a stop to prevent splashing. Both of these features are automatically programmed into the unit.