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Full Short Path Kits

Goldleaf Scientifics line of Short Path Distillation Kits. Each package is carefully designed to meet the needs of either a new technician getting started with distillation, or full scale laboratories looking to increase production.

Kits Include:

  • All glassware from distillation heads to collection flasks
  • Digital heating/stirring mantle with built in top flask heating jacket
  • Digital vacuum gauge
  • Digital thermometer
  • Clamps, stands, valves
  • Stir bars, vacuum grease, keck clips, etc.
  • Detailed instructions for set-up and operation
  • Free customer support for life

Multiple upgrade options available.

Ask us about Bluetooth connectivity and data logging options for your short path kit. 

Need help getting started or setup? Want to complete runs faster than ever? 

One on One Classes and Consultations are available year round. Call us at (510)487-1390 to schedule your next training session and we can teach you and your team about the best techniques and equipment available. 

$6,190.00 USD Excl. tax
$6,190.00 USD Incl. tax
$4,925.00 USD $4,725.00 USD Excl. tax
$4,725.00 USD Incl. tax
$735.50 USD Excl. tax
$735.50 USD Incl. tax