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Short Path Distillation Parts

Everything you need to keep your short path system up and running. From setup and mounting, to glassware and vacuum parts. 

Can't find the right part or glassware in your size? Call us! (510)487-1390

We offer custom glassware and can manufacture specialized electronics.

-Use our 4-foot Heavy Duty Lab Stand to replace a lattice style setup. Our Heavy Duty Lab Stands are much more stable and versatile without having to screw bolts into your table! 

-Mounting equipment such as boss head clips, three finger clamps, and ring stands to secure your glassware and keep everything aligned. Keck clips and spherical clamps secure joint connections between your glassware to maintain seals for vacuum depth. 

-Use KF-25 vacuum parts for connecting vacuum manifolds and utilizing vacuum gauges. Precision valves allow for controlling vacuum depth and strength. Hoses and more available for vacuum manifolds, heaters, and chillers. 

-Lab jacks and flask holders will lift your receiving flasks into place so they are not hanging and stressing the rest of the glassware. Select your size platform and flask holder to finish the setup. 

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