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Goldleaf Scientific Vacuum Pump Oil

Vacuum pump oil is designed for mechanical vacuum pumps such as rotary vane (RV), direct drive, and diffusion pumps. Proper use of vacuum pump oil lengthens pump life, maintains vacuum depth, and prevents unnecessary repairs. Recommended to change every 3 months. 


Economy Grade: 

- For heavy use vacuum pumps in an environment highly prone to contamination. Best used with pumps that will require a regular oil change due to the nature of their use. Lower cost makes regular oil changes less expensive. 

-Applications include; Distillations, Freeze dryers


Premium Grade:

- Long lasting, high grade pump oil used to achieve highest possible vacuum depth. Use with pumps that stay clean and can use the same oil for about 3 months without a need for an oil change. Extended fluid life prevents corrosion over long periods of use. 

-Application include; Hvac uses, Backing pumps 

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