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Are you in search of a filtration setup for your diverse needs, all available in one place?  Our Filtration Solutions brings you a wide array of filtration setups, catering to every scale of operation. Whether you're conducting small-scale testing or large commercial production, we have the filtration tools to streamline your processes.

Porcelain vs Glass Buchner Funnels:

-Porcelain Buchner Funnels utilize your choice of filter paper which allows you to choose the micron size to better fit your filtration needs. Using this method with paper allows the filtered solute to be collected. If you plan to re-use or collect the solid particulate that gets filtered out of your solution, a porcelain Buchner funnel is the way to go. Best for inexpensive, low-risk solutions since this method of filtration can sometimes have particles slip under the sides of the filter paper through to the other side.

-Glass Buchner Funnels are best for solutions with an extreme pH, either basic or acidic, that would otherwise dissolve the filter paper in a porcelain funnel. These will stop 100% of solid particles from making their way through. Use a bed of silica for easier cleaning and to collect the filtered particles if desired. Requires a much stronger cleaning method for insoluble particles like carbon and clays. Great for solutions that cannot allow even 1 particle of solids to get through. 

Heavy Wall Borosilicate Glassware: Chemically resistant and durable glassware allows for a wide range of uses for various solvents. 

Benchtop Solutions: Need a compact and efficient filtration setup for your workspace? Our benchtop solutions are designed to save you space while maintaining filtration efficiency. Perfect for smaller-scale experiments..

Large Commercial Production: Taking your filtration processes to the next level? Our selection of commercial-scale filtration equipment is engineered to handle high volumes efficiently and reliably.