Guide to Lab Stand Parts and Clamps

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Guide to Lab Stand Parts and Clamps

Lab Stand - Parts and Clamps

Lab stands are essential laboratory accessories used to hold multiple types of scientific apparatus' from glassware, equipment, system components, and more. This article will go over the different parts used for various assemblies of a proper laboratory stand.

Lab Stand Components


A lab stand needs a heavy and durable base that supports the weight of any equipment mounted on it. There are various types of bases, from corrosion resistant platforms for smaller setups, to larger U-shaped bases that span entire tabletops, constructed to support entire systems. Our Platform Lab Stand consists of a stainless steel plate for a base, while our H-Shaped Heavy Duty Lab Stands are fit with a H-Shaped base that is either 2ft or 4ft long.

(Platform base / H-shaped base)


Smaller platform bases are suitable for smaller experiments involving vessels like beakers for liquid mixing. A small overhead stirrer or homogenizer can be mounted to the stand and stir liquids in the vessel for extended periods of time without needing to be held. Using a stand allows for open mixing or even closed, sealed systems that are held steady by the stand and clamps.

Larger, U-shaped bases have multiple legs that can be used to mount several different pieces or even a large system that must hold multiple components and glassware. Below is a picture of our Gemstone Short path Distillation Kit, an entire system held together with multiple platform bases, but can also be used with a U-shape base to eliminate numerous stands.




Every lab stand and platform requires a rod that fastens to the base. Usually made of stainless steel, the rod supports the equipment that is mounted to the stand. A small platform stand can fit one rod that screws into a slot on the base, while a larger U-shape stand can support multiple rods across the length of the base.



In order to hold equipment in place, clamps are attached to the rods to secure their positioning. There are two types of clamps, Boss Head Clips that are secured onto the rod themselves, and a number of Mounting Clamps which hold the equipment, held in place by the boss head clip.


Boss Head Clips

Boss Head clips come in multiple sizes based on the weight of the equipment they will be holding. Larger pieces of equipment, such as our X1740 Homogenizer and R-100 Overhead stirrer, requires a custom Heavy Duty Clamp.

(Boss Head Clip)


(Custom Heavy Duty Clamp)



A variety of clamps are accessible to hold a number of different types of equipment. Some are used more for stands, others wrap around and hold connections together for a sturdy seal. Any of the clamps mentioned here can be used together on a singular rod for multiple points of contact.

Three Finger Clamps

These clamps are named so for their fingers that open and close around whatever needs to be held. They can be placed around joints for holding seals together, or turned to the side for holding condensers at a specific angle.



A support ring is held in place by the boss head clip, and holds circular objects in place such as boiling flasks, cold traps, and other glassware that must rest in place at a certain height. Support rings come in multiple sizes to accommodate equipment of different circumferences.


Chain Clamp

Chain clamps are often used together with support rings, the chains are wrapped around the glassware or equipment to for a higher point of contact and prevent tipping. Each chain clamp can fit around different sizes of equipment, like a belt with loops, and can be shortened or extended as needed. These clamps will either have a metal chain or a rubber strap to secure equipment. 


Lab Jacks

A lab jack is a necessary item when mounting equipment. By turning a knob, the lab jacks raises or lowers to hold or remove equipment. Our systems often use a lab jack to add or remove collection flasks at the bottom of a condenser or cold trap, making for easy removal of a flask full of liquid. These jacks add much needed support to setups that would be to heavy to hang on a rod and base alone.


Flask Holders

A flask holders are rounded stands that hold round bottom flasks in places to prevent rolling or tilting. Usually made of plastic and often paired with a lab jack, these holders add stability to otherwise precariously mounted flasks.




Putting together a lab stand setup is fairly simple, there are not usually tools involved for smaller setups, and the heavy duty stands at most require an Allen key and an extra set of hands. Place the base wherever it is needed, and screw in the rod to assemble the stand. Screw any number of boss head clips to the rod and secure your choice of clamps. Once everything is secure, mount the equipment needed and check for a sturdy hold. Be sure to use any combination of clamps, lab jacks, and flask holders to create a proper hold on your lab stand.


Reach out for More Info

Goldleaf carries a range of bases, rods, clips, and clamps to fit any piece of equipment. For help selecting the proper combination of equipment, please call or email us anytime at (510)487-1390 or [email protected]. Look through or selection of mounting equipment Here.


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