Recirculating Chillers

Min: $0 Max: $30000

Goldleafs selection of high quality recirculating chillers. 

Polyscience - USA Made, quality chillers with an affordable price point

"For 60 years our award-winning chillers and coolers have been the cornerstone of our company. Built in the United States, PolyScience Chillers and Coolers have proven over several decades and hundreds and thousands of installations, that they are the most reliable in the industry. These products are the exceptionally smart choice for end-user and OEM applications ranging from lasers and analytical equipment to reactors and manufacturing equipment."

Lauda - German made, high end, powerful chillers with competitive pricing

"LAUDA’s circulation chillers ensure a problem-free, central cooling water supply in laboratories, research facilities or industrial processes. With the Microcool and Ultracool product lines, LAUDA offers a wide range of reliable, compact and energy-saving circulation chillers with cooling capacities from 0.25 kW to 265 kW."

Huber - German made, high powered chillers with high price point but long lasting reliability 

"The CS chillers expand the Huber product range with compact and highly affordable recirculating coolers. The CS chillers combine cool and smart technology in one unit. The chillers reduce water consumption and lower the operating costs for many applications."