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Articles, guides, and SOP's for Goldleaf Scientific Equipment. Learn to select, operate, and maintain your purchase by reading our informational blog only found here.


 Goldleaf Scientific glassware is made in house from the highest quality borosilicate stock. Our  designs have become industry leading because we obsessively test and refine them. We use our manufacturing expertise to explore new designs, customize any item, and maintain the highest quality while keeping very short lead time (typically less than 48hrs).

We can make nearly any scientific glass apparatus and there are too many to list so if there is an item you are looking for not listed on the website please review our custom glassware guide here or contact us 

We always stand behind the quality of our Goldleaf branded glassware and we often perform repairs for little to no cost. We will repair other brands or glass suppliers as long as it is borosilicate, but please see our repair guide here to see if the repair can be successful or worthwhile.