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Single Jacketed Reactor (two layers of glass walls) allows connection to a recirculating heater/chiller for precise temperature control.
Double Jacketed Reactor (three layers of glass) uses a vacuum insulated outer jacket to prevent ice or fog from impeding the view, and insulates the vessel to save on electricity by preventing thermal loss of energy to the ambient room environment. 

Benchtop Glass Reactors from 500ml to 5 Liters | Pilot Scale Glass Reactors from 10L to 150 Liters

Non-lifting standard reactors have the body and lid clamped together on a steel frame. These models are best used for processing liquid materials which can be easily drained and wiped down.

Lifting Reactors are great for working with solids and thicker oils, since the body and lid are easily separated with an electric motor. These vessels can be tilted to the side allowing easy access to inner walls for cleaning and collection. 


Custom Glass Reactor Setups

Laboratory Reactors are very specific pieces of equipment used across numerous industries with no one size fits all solution. Here at Goldleaf, we cater reactor setups to specific applications, so if you have a unique application in mind, contact us and we will help bring it to life.

Glassblowing | Machining | Explosion Proofing | Heater/Chiller connections

Fill out this form below and give us a call to further discuss custom options. 

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