Disassembly and Cleaning of G20/G30 Homogenizer Shafts

Disassembly and Cleaning of G20/G30 Homogenizer Shafts

For samples that are sticky, vicious or might crystalize it is important that the lower portion of the shaft is disassembled and cleaned after each use. To clean or remove the top portion please see the manual

Start by removing the shaft from the homogenizer. Loosen the shaft retaining screw and give a slight tug down.  

 Twist the stator clockwise to unscrew

Insert the homogenizer universal socket wrench at the top of the shaft with the drive pin (4) into the slot of the wrench. Twist until the two small pins of the wrench fall into the shaft holes.

Hold the shaft and socket wrench with one hand and insert the rotor wrench into the teeth of the rotor and turn counter-clockwise.

Unscrew the rotor completely 


    1. Remove the bottom assembly (7,10,12,13,14,15,16). Ball bearings (9) should be tested after each use by simply rotating the shaft top by hand and checking for any resistance
    2. Place removed parts including rotor and stator into a solution of warm alcohol
    3. Clean and dry all orings with a microfiber cloth and apply a small amount of food grade lubricant (do not remove embedded oring from slip disc)
    4. Clean the drive shaft with alcohol and dry parts before applying a food grade lubricant to the shaft and face of the ceramic slip ring (13) and slip disc (12)
    5. Reassemble the bottom portion of parts making sure the ceramic slip disc (12) in fully inserted into the drive shaft
    6. Push the oring (15) down into the slip ring (13)
    7. Drop the retaining disc (14) into the slip ring (13)
    8. Push the spring into the slip ring (large end down) and align the spring arm into one of the slip ring slots
    9. Thread the rotor back onto the drive shaft clockwise
    10. Thread the stator back onto the drive shaft counter clockwise



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