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Short Path Glassware 

Goldleafs short path glassware covers everything from start to finish. Any piece of your short path setup that needs replacing or upgrading you can find here.

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Our in house glassblowing studio allows for quick turn around on custom setups and glassware! 

-Start by choosing your size digital heat control mantle with heated, insulated cover. These are precise and powerful mantles that keep your oil hot enough to boil but consistent enough to prevent burning. The insulated top cover is much more efficient at retaining heat than the usual heat rope. 

-Next, select your boiling flask, 2 or 3 neck options depending on the add ons you want to use. 

-Now, pick your distillation head and condenser combo. Our heads are designed to be extremely efficient by speeding through runs and preventing oil from refluxing back into the boiling flask, thus also improving yields.

-Use a pistol receiver to change flasks between fractions without having to fully break vacuum in throughout the system. The jacketed pistol receiver keeps everything at the temperature you want for consistent flow. 

-Auxiliary condensers and cold traps are cooled with recirculating chillers, immersion chillers, or dry ice to protect any volatile fumes from entering the vacuum pump and causing unnecessary contamination to your equipment.  

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