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Low Temperature Immersion

Laboratory Immersion Chillers have refrigerant in the probe end and are designed to run at maximum cooling power. The cold probe end is immersed into the sample and provides continuous cooling to temperatures as low as -100°C. An economical alternative to dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Excellent for vacuum traps, freeze drying, and rapidly cooling small volumes of liquids 

Immersion Chiller Selection Guide

Select your immersion chiller depending on the minimum temperature required. For vacuum traps (cold traps) the IP-60 will work for light duty, smaller vacuum traps. For larger setups and higher vacuum applications we suggest the IP-100. 

Probe end come in rigid coils or flexible cold fingers. The rigid coils provide more surface area but cannot alter its shape. They work best for beakers and large vacuum traps. The flexible cold finger can be shaped to fit into tight spaces or odd shapes. Bent probes are best for vacuum traps 

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