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Rotary Evaporators

Goldleafs Instavap - Rotary Evaporators

Explore our cutting-edge rotary evaporators designed to facilitate efficient solvent distillation for scientific laboratories and research facilities. These devices feature dual condensers, digital displays, and automated flask lifting, ensuring control and ease of operation. 

What is a Rotary Evaporator? - A rotary evaporator is a laboratory apparatus designed for gentle and efficient evaporation of solvents from a sample mixture by spinning the solution in a boiling flask heated by the fluid in the heat bath

What is a rotary evaporator used for? - Used for solvent removal, distillation, sample preparation, and essential oil extraction in various scientific and research applications.

Who needs and uses a rotary evaporator? - Researchers, scientists, and professionals in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, and other related fields often require rotary evaporators for their solvent evaporation and sample preparation needs.

Customization options available! Call us for help making your rotovape the exact piece of equipment you need without any compromises.

See our Buyers Guide and article on How Rotary Evaporators work for more info!