Jacketed Reactor w/ C1D1 Air Motor (Non-Lifting)

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Our Non-Lifting Reactor w/ Air Motor is the perfect tool for your laboratory needs. This powerful machine features an high torque C1D1 air motor and PTFE coated impeller, making it perfect for stirring and agitating your samples. The air motor is a simple and economical means to achieve C1D1 rating, but does require a compressor and can be somewhat noisy. 

The single jacket (two layers of glass walls) allows connection to a recirculating heater/chiller for precise temperature control. The double jacket (three layers of glass) takes it a step further and the outside jacket is vacuum insulated which creates an easily visible interior (no ice formation or fog) where materials are reacted, yet can withstand extreme temperatures from -100C to 250°C 

*Air motors require an appropriated sized air compressor and must be oiled daily

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