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Full Reactor Kits


Turnkey Reactor Kits

Fit a number of applications and uses. Each kit comes with everything you need to get started. Heaters, chillers, vacuum pumps, and more are all included with your reactor. This way, you can get started as soon as your kit arrives. 


Distill, crystalize, decarb, and more with any of these carefully designed kits. Our reactor kits have been hand selected to utilize the most efficient, reliable equipment on the market to ensure your facility runs without any problems. Assembled, inspected, and stocked here in the USA, we do everything we can to make sure your reactor arrives quickly.

Every purchase of a reactor kit comes with a 1 - year warranty and lifetime support from Goldleaf Scientific. Any time you have questions, issues, or need replacement parts, we will be here to make sure you do not miss a day of valuable production. 

What if I want to change the equipment on a reactor kit?


Let us know what you think will work. These kits are just baseline packages to give users an idea of components and cost. Anything in the reactor setups can be changed or adjusted to your needs.


What comes in a reactor kit?


Everything that is needed to get started is included in your kit. Once the package arrives you will have all of the hoses and fittings needed to assemble your entire kit.


$50,534.49 USD Excl. tax
$50,534.49 USD Incl. tax
$35,537.99 USD Excl. tax
$35,537.99 USD Incl. tax
$36,237.80 USD Excl. tax
$36,237.80 USD Incl. tax