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Graduated Cylinder


Graduated Cylinder

FAQ for Glass Graduated Cylinders

Graduated cylinder function

A graduated cylinder is a piece of lab glass used to precisely measure the volume of liquids with a long narrow shape and markings that indicate fluid levels called “graduations.”

How to read a graduated cylinder

To get an exact measurement when reading a graduated cylinder, place it on a flat surface, kneel down so it is perfectly at eye level, and look at the top of the liquid and look for the meniscus, which is the upward facing curved surface of the fluid. The lowest point of the curve (meniscus) is where you will get your measurements.

How accurate are graduated cylinders?

Glass cylinders are one of the more precise glass vessels for measuring liquids in a lab. For example, the measurements on a graduated cylinder are accurate within a 0.5 to 1% margin of error, compared to a glass beaker accurate within a 10% margin of error.

Can glass graduated cylinders be used for all types of liquids?

Graduated glass cylinders are made of borosilicate making them chemically inert for most liquids. In fact, the only liquids that would react with glassware, are not safe enough to be handled by hand and a graduated beaker would not be used for these chemicals.

Can I use a plastic graduated cylinder?

As long as the chemicals you are using will not react with polypropylene and you are not reaching extreme temperatures, a plastic graduated cylinder is a budget friendly option that will not break when dropped.

How should glass graduated cylinders be cleaned?

There is no special technique to clean and sanitize glassware, choose whatever method works best with your liquids and what removes residuals the best. Hand washing or ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for cleaning lab glass.

What precautions should be taken when using graduated cylinders?

All PPE should always be worn when working with hazardous materials. Refer to any SDS documents for precautions on handling specific chemicals.

Where to buy a graduated cylinder?

We have graduated cylinders available for purchase online shipped domestically or internationally and available locally at our store in Riverside, CA.

What sizes are available?

Graduated cylinders range from 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2000ml for standard sizes.

Graduated cylinder use:

Place on a flat surface for even measurements. Get eye level with the top of the liquids and use the lowest point of the curve of the liquid (the meniscus) to get your reading.

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