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Goldleaf Scientific Jacketed Glass Reactors

Goldleafs laboratory reactors, equipped with glass bodies, stainless steel frame, ptfe seals, and top quality electronics. Made with high end borosilicate glass, these reactors offer chemical compatibility and durability, with a wide range of uses across various applications. Precise temperature control and customizable setups, users can experiment with new processes in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and research. We offer the best customer support for any glass reactors including warranties, installation, consulting, and replacement parts.

Complete custom solutions, we have an in house glassblowing studio and can manufacture the exact chemical reactor for your needs. Change any joints, glassware, framing, or electronics that you feel need adjustment. We are ready to work with you to develop your ideal system.

What is a glass reactor used for?

Mainly chemical reactions as glassware does not degrade from most solvents. Also used for any process that requires mixing, filtering, temperature parameters, and complete control over every aspect of a process or experiment. Here are some industries reactors can be used in: chemical engineering, research facilities, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biotech, and more.

What is a glass reactor made of?

A Goldleaf reactor vessel is a 3.3 borosilicate glass reactor with PTFE wetted parts and a sturdy stainless steel frame. This allows for vast chemical compatibility without contaminating a reaction. 

What sizes does a glass reactor come in?

Depending on the scale of your process, reactors come in benchtop sizes from 500ml upwards to commercial scale og 150L. We can even scale this process larger with glass lined steel reactors over hundreds of gallons.

Is a glass reactor safe to use as a chemical reactor?

Yes. The body of the reactor is made of borosilicate glassware and seals made of ptfe for a wide range of chemical compatibility to be used as a chemical reactor. Please let us know your choice of solvent so we can assure compatibility and help assemble a safe to use chemical reactor.

What is a glass chemical reactor consist of?

A safe glass chemical reactor has a number of features that create a proper working environment. Sealed, explosion proof electronics and heavy duty connections allow for a glass chemical reactor to be used with almost any choice of solvent. 

What grade is a laboratory glass reactor?

A high grade glass lab reactor is a laboratory grade piece of equipment. This level of production value means a laboratory glass reactor will be safe to use for even pharmaceutical grade reactions. There will be no contamination from the glass lab reactor that could interfere with production. 

What is a glass reactor price look like?

Depending on the entire setup a glass reactor price can start from a few thousand dollars. The glass reactor price will increase with a double jacket from single jacket and when adding explosion proof upgrades or other modifications. We have stand kits that reflect the entire glass reactor price for a turnkey glass reactor system. 

What is in a full glass reactor system?

Mostly a glass reactor system will consist of the glass reactor itself along with key pieces of equipment such as a circulating heater or chiller for temperature control and a vacuum pump for removing vapors. A glass reactor system can have additional sensors and glassware based on the setup, especially if being used in a distillation system. 

Can we buy glass reactor equipment as spare parts?

Most pieces will be too expensive to justify having extra pieces that are not in use. Reactor equipment that makes sense for spare pieces are gaskets and regularly used hose fittings that may wear out. If you break any glass we can rush a replacement as soon as possible.

What kind of technical support is available for laboratory glass reactors?

We can help with everything from start to finish. Designing your laboratory reactors, installing your setup, and training your operators. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have about our laboratory reactors.