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Short Path Distillation

Distillation Equipment

Full short path distillation systems and equipment available with a line of upgrades and replacements. 

Want something new? We do custom work! 

Call us at (510)487-1390 for more info about custom short path glassware!

Eco Series short path distillation kit is our  budget friendly short path setup to meet the needs of anyone starting on their journey of producing distillate. 

Gemstone Series short path distillation kits are high end, ultra-efficient distillation systems for large scale production facilities. Using extra large glassware and advanced distillation techniques, these systems can keep up with any sized production with ease. 

Short Path Distillation Heads are designed for optimal flow through rates, yields, and quality. The distillation head and condenser are the key to speedy runs and pure distillate.

Need help getting started or setup? Want to complete runs faster than ever? 

One on One Classes and Consultations are available year round. Call us at (510)487-1390 to schedule your next training session and we can teach you and your team about the best techniques and equipment available. 


Essential Oil and Terpene Refinement Kit

Smell and flavor are the indicators of a good product. Many products use a variety of flavoring from synthetic derived terpene blends, to organic essential oils from fruits and flowers. Most of these products are easily copied and marketed in mass, driving the value of other brands down. As commoditized products flood a saturated market, one thing can set a brand apart.

Using short path distillation, we have a system capable of pulling delicate compounds from a crude oil and preserving them. 

Our new Refinement System is oriented around low temperature collection of the highest quality flavor and smell profiles. See all of the information on our new system by clicking the product listings below or our white paper and buyers guide. 


White Paper - Cannabis Terpene Refinement System | Buyers Guide - Cannabis Terpene Systems