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Fractional Column Mouthpiece

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Our Fractional column mouthpiece is designed after the fractional distillation columns common in laboratories. The column is built with either one set of vigreux (for holding ice or raschig rings), or a full set with offset vigreux up the entire column. The vigruex prevents water from splashing up too high and allows a high water level and a smoother hit. Raschig rings can also be used and will be even more effective in preventing splash than vigruex, but will impede flow somewhat. 

This column (like most fractional columns) can also be jacketed. Instead of a vacuum sealed chamber inside, it had a gl-14 cap so you can clean or add/remove fluids. One cool trick with this column is to add glycol inside and put in the freezer to cool so you can take icey rips. 

The joint is either 24/40 rodaviss or 45/50 rodaviss. The rodaviss joint has threads on top so you can easily lock or remove frozen joints. 

The column comes in two sizes, 24/40 or 45/50, but we can custom make any variation you would like. If you want it shorter, longer, with bends, or anything in between, just give us a call to discuss. If it is a simple change, just add a note when you place your order. 

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