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2062 8-Head Diaphragm Pump, 1.5 TORR 119 LPM

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$6,250.00 USD Excl. tax
$6,250.00 USD Incl. tax

The Welch 2062 is a full chemical-resistant, 8-head, 3-stage, oil-free dry diaphragm vacuum pump with all-PTFE contact surfaces and deep vacuum capability and a high flow rate. Oil-Free, portable, full chemical-resistant, means less maintenance and no more frequent and costly oil change, or cross contamination. 4.2 cfm high capacity dry diaphragm vacuum pump with PTFE contact surfaces and deep vacuum with extra high flow.


The ideal oil-free vacuum pump for extra large size vacuum ovens (≥10 ft³), single buchner filters greater than 12" in diameter (or equivalent number of smaller sized funnels), and 20L or 50L rotary evaporators (must use foreline or vacuum trap with vacuum oven if materials contain terpenes)


Vacuum depth and level is not regulated so it recommended to use this pump with a control system such as vacuum manifold with bleed valve or automatic vacuum controller found here.

These pumps are made in Germany with one year warranty and technical support from Welch Vacuum. Purchase of this pump is subject to End Use verification. A Certification form will be sent to you.



 Electrical requirements
 110V or 220V 50/60Hz single phase 0.53 HP, 370/440 watts
 Free Air Displacement @60Hz
 119 LPM, 4.2 cfm
 Gasket material  All-PTFE
 Ultimate vacuum level
 1.5 torr / 2 mbar
 Inlet/Outlet  Kf-16
 Adjustable vac./gas ballast  optional
 Pump dimensions (LxWxH)
 21.3 x 6.5 x 11.8 inches
 Pump weight
 72 Lb


Download User Manual Here

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