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30mm stator (New Version)

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The 30mm stator can be used with a 30mm rotor to convert your disperser shaft for other uses. By changing the rotor/stator combination you can use a single disperser shaft for homogenizing multiple samples of differing viscosity. 30mm rotors and stators can only be used with a T30, G30, T40, and G40 shafts. All other shafts are incompatible. 

V Generator=V rotor + V stator (for heavy oils and viscous solutions)

F generator=F roto + F stator (for water based liquids)

N Generator=F rotor + V stator (for light oils)

M knife generator=M rotor + M stator (for tissue and other fibrous materials)

Instruction Manual

Shaft Selection Table

The rotor rotates, and the stator is stationary

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