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34/45 Short Path Distillation Head

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$1,322.00 USD Excl. tax
$1,322.00 USD Incl. tax

This Goldleaf Scientific short path head is commonly used for high vacuum distillations to purify or quantify your sample. Our short path head is a combination of three parts fused into one which eliminates potential vacuum leaks and makes the head very easy to use.

The fractional column is the vertical portion of the head. In this section vapor loses some heat and is condensed while the fresh rising vapor re-distills the condensed vapor leading to a "multiple distillation process" and a greater separation of components.

The condenser is the angled portion where cooling water flows around the inner tubing and condenses vapor. The head portion is between the column and the condenser. A packable column section provides greater flexibility to separate components. This model has a larger thermometer port for easy addition or removal of packing materials.

Goldleaf Scientific short path heads are of the highest quality and made in the USA. Tight quality control is performed on all of our glassware to guarantee leak free and reliable performance.


  • Anti-reflux capture plate catches reflux near the top of the column and prevents it from returning to the boiling flask greatly increasing the overall distillation rate and reducing residence times.
  • Large column diameter for fast distillation rates.
  • Packable column section provides greater flexibility to separate components.
  • Larger thermometer port for easy addition or removal of packing materials.
  • Removal of inner tubing that extends from the condenser which often clogs.
  • Removal of vapor choke points between the column and condenser.
  • Removal of vacuum hose barb for ease of use and convenience; screw on GL-14 hose barbs on the condenser for easy removal of hoses.


*This product comes packaged with free raschig rings, GL hose barbs, and a thermowell.


**The joint size in the title of this product refers to the "Boiling Flask" joint listed in the table below. Contact us for custom joint sizes.


Joint Sizes

Boiling Flask Thermometer Condenser Out Condenser Lines Recommended Boiling Flask Volume
24/40 24/40 24/40 GL-14 1L
34/45 24/40 24/40 GL-14 2L
45/50 24/40 29/42 GL-14 5L
60/50 29/42 34/45 GL-18 10L
71/60 29/42 45/50 GL-18 20L
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