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3L Steam Distillation Kit

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$850.00 USD $700.00 USD Excl. tax
$700.00 USD Incl. tax
Article code KIT3E3STE
  • Steam distillation set for extraction of essential oils from plant material.
  • Unlike most steam distillation kits on the market, our kit is designed to be used with vacuum.
  • By applying vacuum to the system, one can distill at a reduced temperature which preserves smells/flavors and limits degradation.
  • *Recommended to limit temperatures to below 60°C.
  • *Picture may not represent items contained within kit. Please see below.



(1) 250mL Single Neck Round Bottom Flask
(1) 3L Bio-Flask
(1) Vacuum Adapter
(1) Still Head
(1) Graham Coil Condenser
(1) 1L Double Neck Boiling Flask
(2) 24/40 Stoppers
(1) 3 Way Valve

(2) Lab Jacks
(2) Lab Stands
(2) 3 Finger Clamps
(2) Boss Head Clips
(10) #24 Keck Clips (plastic)
(2) #24 Keck Clips (metal)

Heating/stirring device and vacuum pump is required for operation. Neither are included in this package. Recommended additional items:
1L Digital Heating/Stirring Mantle
Welch 2014B-01 Diaphragm Pump


Steam Kit User Guide

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