Goldleaf Scientific - -40°C Mechanical Cold Trap w/ Stainless Steel Baffle Insert

Quantity: 1

This highly effective mechanical cold trap ensures that no volatile vapors (with the exception of permanent gases) will pass through the unit and into your vacuum pump.

A cold trap is a major component of laboratory efficiency and equipment longevity.

This unit can reach a temperature of -40°C. Now you can safely achieve maximum vapor condensation in your laboratory.



  • PID controller
  • Cools to -80°C 
  • Captures volatile vapors and condense them into a liquid or solid 
  • Protects your vacuum pumps from damage
  • Uses R410A refrigerant
  • CE Certified
  • UL Listed


Keep your vacuum pumps running longer.

By capturing unwanted volatile gases or vapors and condensing them into a liquid or solid form before reaching your vacuum pump, you can protect the internal components of your pump and greatly extend its lifespan.

Note: If you use distillation units or processes in which harmful vapors could reach your vacuum pump, we strongly recommend that you use either a cold trap or chiller to reach the maximum lifespan of your vacuum pump.