-40°C Mechanical Cold Trap w/ Stainless Steel Baffle Insert


This highly effective mechanical cold trap ensures that no volatile vapors (with the exception of permanent gases) will pass through the unit and into your vacuum pump.

A cold trap is a major component of laboratory efficiency and equipment longevity.

This unit can reach a temperature of -40°C. Now you can safely achieve maximum vapor condensation in your laboratory.



  • PID controller
  • Cools to -80°C 
  • Captures volatile vapors and condense them into a liquid or solid 
  • Protects your vacuum pumps from damage
  • Uses R410A refrigerant
  • CE Certified
  • UL Listed


Keep your vacuum pumps running longer.

By capturing unwanted volatile gases or vapors and condensing them into a liquid or solid form before reaching your vacuum pump, you can protect the internal components of your pump and greatly extend its lifespan.

Note: If you use distillation units or processes in which harmful vapors could reach your vacuum pump, we strongly recommend that you use either a cold trap or chiller to reach the maximum lifespan of your vacuum pump.


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