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IDP-7 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump, Std w/inlet valve (X3807-64010)

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Article code VAC007DS

Data Sheet

Agilent’s 5.4 CFM dry scroll pump is oil-free – making it a clean, quiet, high performance vacuum pump. The IDP7 uses a single-sided scroll design that allows for a straightforward maintenance procedure with simple tools.


  • Oil-Free Is The Proper Pump Choice for Clean Rooms, Bio-Pharma, Neutraceutical Processes

With an oil-free scroll pump, there is no chance of having a product batch contaminated by “backstreaming” of the dirty hydrocarbon oils associated with oil-filled rotary vane vacuum pumps.  Because it’s oil-free, the Agilent IDP7 does not smoke out of the exhaust or require filters and traps on the vacuum pump inlet and outlet.


  • Hermetically Sealed = Clean & Safe

Agilent’s IDP7 pump is hermetic, with the motor and all bearings completely isolated from the vacuum path. This design extends the bearing life and provides clean, dry vacuum to the application. The hermetic design of this pump allow for longer life by protecting the interior workings of the pump from aggressive solvents, corrosives, etc.


  • Pull Deeper Vacuum / Gas Ballast Positions 1 and 2

The IDP7 has two gas ballast ports that assist the pump in handling condensable gases such as water vapor, or other gaseous products that become liquids or solvents when reaching atmospheric pressure.

With neither of the gas ballast ports open, the IDP7 has a base pressure of 20 mTorr.

The port in position 1 provides for ~ 12 grams per hour of water vapor pumping, and limits the base pressure of the pump to not less than 200 mTorr.

The port in position 2 provides for ~ 120 grams per hour of water vapor pumping and limits the base pressure of the pump to not less than 1 Torr.

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