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AX-65 Oil Diffusion Pump

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$1,999.00 USD Incl. tax
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Article code VAC250OD
The AX-65 is an air cooled oil diffusion pump designed for bench top and small scale applications. The air cooled finned boiler provides high pumping speed and great performance without the need for a chiller. This makes the AX-65 a cost effective yet high performance oil diffusion pump.
  • High performance specifications means higher, cleaner vacuum levels
  • Fluid-level sight glass provides quick indication of pump fluid status at all times
  • The wide range of available pump configuration and flange combinations optimizes pump performance and fit for your application
  • Compact design makes integration into space-limited equipment easy
  • Full thermal protection guards against all over-temperature conditions
  • “Pump-ready” thermal switch sends a signal when pump is operational
  • Finned, vertical boiler promotes stable pumping, especially of light gases
  • Three-stage fractionating jet with ejector stage purifies pumping fluid, giving higher fore pressure tolerance


Technical Specifications 

Pumping Speed, Operating Range 65 l/sec Air, 90 l/s He and H2
Maximum Throughput 0.19T-l/s (0.25 mbar-l/s) in operating range 0.30T-l/s (0.40 mbar-l/s) @ 0.01 torr  
Compression Ratio 4 x 107 (Air), 2 x 106 (helium)
Operating Range 3 x 10-3 to <5 x 10-8 torr (3.9 x 10-3 to 6.5 x 10-8 mbar)
Maximum Fore pressure No load: 0.75 torr (1.00 mbar) Full Load: 0.60 torr (0.78 mbar)
Back streaming Rate With cold cap: <2 x 10-4 mg/cm2/min With baffle: <2 x 10-5 mg/cm2/min
Recommended Backing Pump ≥1.5 cfm (2.5 m3/hr)
Warmup Time 7 minutes
Cool down Time 10 minutes
Fluid Charge 30 cc
Electrical Requirements 1 ph, 50/60 Hz, 90/115/165/220 VAC
Pump Power 200/250 watts
Air Cooling 30 cfm



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