Heat transfer fluid, DW-Therm (-90 to 170°C), 10L

DW-Therm is a mixture of isomeric triethoxysilanes and has been developed for hydraulically sealed systems.


We recommend the heat transfer fluid DW-Therm for Unistats. DWTherm has a high specific heat capacity and so contributes towards an optimum heat transfer. In addition, DW-Therm covers a large temperature range, and has an impressively long service life.



  • Valid only for Unistats
  • Size 10L
  • Broad working range from -90 °C to 200 °C (hydraulically sealed systems)
  • excellent thermo-oxidative stability at high temperatures
  • Low viscosity at low temperatures
  • Low volatility and pleasant odor
  • Easy handling (no creeping like silicone oils)
  • Good compatibility with silicone oils
  • Insoluble in water and good environmental combability



Working temperature °C -90 to 200
Flash Point °C 101
Fire Point °C 112
Viscosity mm2/s (kinematic at 25 °C) 2
Density g/cm3 (at 20 °C) 0,879
Pour Point °C -137
Ignition temperature °C 265
Colour yellowish, clear
Thermal expansion coefficient 10-5/K 96,98
Heat conductivity W/(m·K) at 25 °C 0,116
Material incompatibility copper, aluminum,non-ferrous metals
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