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Digital Burette, Motor Driven

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$1,479.00 USD Excl. tax
$1,479.00 USD Incl. tax

The Goldleaf Scientific hand-driven bottle-top burette is a convenient tool for continual or repetitive dispensing or metering of liquids on a precise scale. Titration, dosing, or dispensing of liquids is made fast, easy, and precise. Meets or exceeds the precision requirement of the Class A standard for ASTM E287-02 (2007) “Standard Specification for Laboratory Glass Graduated Burets”

Easy to read digital display Electronic measuring system with display to 2 decimal places and now with Titrate mode and Dosing mode. The bottle top burette is suitable for all common laboratory bottles and can be programmed by computer via the built in RS-485 connection. Use your computer to monitor and keep records that might be real useful to recover possible errors.

Goldleaf’s bottle-top burets are easy to program, easy to clean, and easy to operate.  This bottle-top burette also features a valveless dosing system design which results in the lowest possible dead volume and high reproducibility, and can be individually calibrated to your specifications (calibration function enables adjustment to media with a density that differs significantly from water).

  • Permanently stored data of factory calibration
  • Drying tube connection
  • Light weight and compact
  • Smallest individual steps 1μl, 10 μl, 20 μl (depending on model)
  • No glass bulb, no valves, minimal dead volume
  • self-venting
  • Parts in contact with media made of acid-resistant aluminum oxide (99.7% Al 23 ), ETFE and FEP 

Model Specs are below

Dosing volume, min. [µl] 1 10 20
Dosing volume, max. [ml] 50 500 1000
Flow rate range [ml/min] 0.02 - 2.0 0.2 - 20.0 0.4 - 40.0
drive type engine engine engine
Dosing accuracy [%] < ±0.2 < ±0.2 < ±0.2
Coefficient of variation, CV [%] < ±0.1 < ±0.1 < ±0.1
User calibration Yes Yes Yes
PC interface RS485 RS485 RS485
Materials pump head Al2O3 "Al2O3 "Al2O3
Power supply [V] 9VDC 9VDC 9VDC
weight [kg] 0.56 0.56 0.57
Width (mm] 112 112 112
Height [mm] 175 175 175
depth [mm] 60 60 60
protection class IP43 IP43 IP43
certification CE CE CE


Download Manual Here

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