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Digital Heating Mantles With Heated Fabric Top

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The new Goldleaf Scientific heating/stirring mantle does it all! We added a heating jacket for the top half of flasks so that the full spherical flask is heated. Most mantles only heat the bottom, and for high boiling point distillations this can causes the material to condense in top half of the boiling flask and retards your distillation speed. Now with the heated jacket top you can increase your distillation speed while reducing the risk of breakage or burns.

Plus, we added an auxiliary plug for the heated top so that the heating mantle PID controls the temperature of them both. Now you don’t have to buy a separate controller. The PID controller also has many features. You can auto-tune the PID, so if it ever encounters a unique environment, gets inaccurate, or over-shoots your set temperature you can tune the PID and it will correct any issues.

It has over/under temp alarms so if anything goes out of control you’ll know about it. It has a built-in timer so you can time your fractions, or create ramping programs based on it. The magnetic stirring function is controlled by a simple dial knob which creates a very strong magnetic field. The mantle also has two temperature sensing options. You can use an external thermocouple which would be inserted into your sample, or an internal temperature sensor.

The internal sensor is very accurate and you can control the heating of your sample with just the internal sensor. This makes it so that you don’t have to risk inserting the probe into the flask as they tend to be a common source of leaks. Simply flip a switch on the back to select which temperature sensor is used.



  • Stirring mantle with built-in temperature controller
  • Consists of magnetic stirrer and heating mantle on one body, controls temperature and stirring concurrently or independently
  • By using the temperature controller with the built-in digital PID auto-tuning, control temperature accurately and confirm set temperature and actual temperature at the same time
  • Temperature controller with built-in timer (displayed as example: 99hr59min)
  • Maintain stirring speed accurately and uniformly by feedback control
  • Smooth acceleration of stirring speed ensures no spillage
  • Inner mantle part of the heating element consists of soft fiberglass, protects from damaging the flask and has excellent contact between the heating element and flask with excellent heating effectiveness
  • Ceramic fiber with strong thermal-resistance has excellent thermal insulation and double housing design (DMSD631~DMSD637) maintains low temperature of the mantle surface for user's safety
  • Strong aluminum housing and corrosion proof powder coating


General Specifications

  • Heating element temperature: Up to 450°C max
  • Temperature controller: Digital PID auto-tuning
  • Timer: Up to 99hr 59min
  • Temperature accuracy: ±1°C (on using external sensor)
  • Sensor probe: k Type
  • Speed display: Digital display
  • Speed control: Feedback control
  • Stirring speed: 100 - 1500 rpm
  • Thermal insulation: Ceramic fiber
  • Material (mantle): Powder coated aluminum case
  • Material (body): Polypropylene
  • Support rod clamp: For 12.7mm diameter support rods (with 100mL - 5000mL)
  • Support rod: Stainless steel ∅ 12.7x400mm (Option)
  • Power Usage: 800W
  • Power supply: 110V except 20L (220V) / 60 Hz



Heating Mantle Instructions

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