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Durachill Chiller with Turbine Pump, 2.9 kW Cooling power @20°C

Delivery time: 4-8 weeks

$9,230.00 USD $9,230.00 USD Excl. tax
$9,230.00 USD Incl. tax


  • Large, full-color touchscreen display with intuitive interface and support for five different languages
  • Compact, portable design takes up less floor space
  • Cooling at ambient temperatures as high as 40°C
  • Choice of pumps and compressor sizes
  • DynamicFilter™ self-cleaning filter system
  • Front fill reservoir
  • Liquid level monitoring to prevent pump failure
  • Ultraviolet anti-biological light system
  • User-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms
  • Heat up to 70°C, without additional options; ideal for applications, such as lasers, that must be brought to a temperature above ambient before operation can begin
  • External temperature tracking and communications capability (optional)
  • Cool Command™, WhisperCool®


Cooling Capacity @ 20°C 2.9 kW
Fluid Temperature Range -10 to 70°C / 14 to 158°F
Temperature Stability ±0.1°C
Displayable Temperature Units °C or °F
Displayable Pressure Units PSI or kPa
Pump Inlet and Outlet 1/2 inch female NPT
Connectivity Options RS-232, USB Serial Port Emulation, USB TMC, Dry Contact On/Off/Status
Selectable Operating Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin
Self Changing Air Filter
UV Biological Growth Inhibitor Yes
Optional Remote Temp Probe Yes
Remote monitoring / Remote Control Yes
Ambient Air Temperature Tracking Yes
Pump Pressure Range 20 to 100 psi / 138 to 689 kPa
Max Pump Flow Rate 3.5 gpm / 13.2 lpm
Power Requirements 230V, 60Hz, 13.5A


Operating Manual

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