Triple Layer Electric Lifting Reactor

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The Goldleaf Scientific Electric Lift Glass Reactor makes your life easy. This unique design allows separation of the body and lid of the reactor by simply pressing a button. Now you can easily access and remove solids. These reactors greatly speed up your processing times and quickly pay for themselves by increasing the process scale and reducing downtimes.

These reactors are very versatile laboratory machines. The outer jacket allows for vacuum insulation so that you can greatly increase efficiency and reduce temperature loss to the outside environment. This not only allows your chiller/heater to operate with greater efficiency it also allows you to keep constant view of the inner process material because the vacuum jacketing prevents fogging and condensate build up.

The inner jacket allows you to use a chiller or heater to circulate fluid so that you can keep the contents at your desired temperature for as long as needed. The PTFE impeller with high torque motor can stir and agitate your sample. A convenient drain valve with optional filter is on the bottom to drain liquids.

The combination of controlled heating/cooling and agitation is ideal for many laboratory applications including:

  • Liquid to liquid extraction (hexane/saline washes)
  • Solid to liquid extraction (cannabinoid extraction with ethanol, heptane, etc)
  • Chemical reactions (precise temperature/agitation control, and all surfaces and parts are glass or PTFE for optimal chemical resistance)
  • Bulk heating/cooling (winterizing/dewaxing)
  • Distillation (can distill your solvent, i.e. recover your ethanol)
  • Steam distillation (for large scale terpene extraction)
  • Crystallization (ideal for large crystal growth)
  • Cryo-extraction (can withstand and hold very hot or cold temperatures)
  • Mix/refluxing material (great for carbon scrubs or mixing absorbents)

For a brief video of the reactor and its uses, click here.

*Not recommended for pressure applications. Internal pressure can be relieved by using the reflux condenser.

*Always reduce concentration of residual flammable solvents from spent material to a safe level before removing from sealed machine.

Technical Specifications - 10L | 20L | 50L

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