Filtration Kit with Porcelain Buchner Funnel, 1L


All-encompassing filtration kit, meticulously designed to enhance the efficiency of your laboratory filtration tasks. Kit consists of a 1-liter filtering flask crafted from heavy wall 3.3 borosilicate glass. This flask is equipped with a 10mm hose barb, simplifying the connection to a vacuum pump.

The porcelain Buchner funnel, features an 84mm outer diameter and standing at a height of 143mm. 

Includes rubber filter adapter set, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between the funnel and the flask.

Comes with three packs of Ahlstrom qualitative filter paper, each containing 100 sheets. These filter papers are available in three micron speeds: 3, 27, and 40 microns. This allows you to fine-tune your filtration process to match the demands of your laboratory work.

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