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Julabo FL2503 Air-cooled Chiller, -20 to +40C, 2.5kW @20C Cooling Power

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$16,499.99 USD Excl. tax
$16,499.99 USD Incl. tax

Part #9663025.13.CSA/UL

(UL Listing Optional, call to change) 

Julabo FL2503 Air-cooled Chiller

These powerful recirculating chillers are ideal for rotary evaporators, bio-reactors/fermenters, distillation systems, vacuum systems, and laboratory instrumentation. Circulating temperatures down to -20°C
Powerful circulating pumps with gauge and by-pass valve to adjust pressure
Overload protection for pump motor and cooling unit
Black box function with error memory for remote diagnosis
Air-cooled model allows movement of unit in laboratory

Higher cooling capacity makes these recirculators ideal for laboratory and general industrial applications. Easy-to-setup PID temperature control with an LED display and a one point temperature calibration for maximum accuracy. RS232 interface available for temperature data transfer.

These powerful recirculating chillers are ergonomically designed for easy operation. Features include rollers for easy movement; easy filling with fill-level indicator; accessible drain tap; no side vents, so can be placed against other instruments; and removable grid make it easy to keep the condenser clean and running at full cooling capacity. Environmentally-friendly operation with low energy consumption.

Includes two barbed fittings for tubing 3/4" ID and 6-ft (1.8-m) power cord.


Order No. 9 663 025.13
Working temperature range -20 ... +40 °C
Temperature stability ±0.5 °C
Cooling capacity
(Medium: Water Glycol)
20 10 0 -10 -20
2.5 2.2 1.5 1.2 0.5
Pump capacity flow rate 40 l/min
Pump capacity flow pressure 7.3 ... 43.5 psi
Filling volume 24 ... 30 l
(W × L × H)
23.6 x 29.9 x 45.3 in.


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