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Florisil-PR Activated Adsorbent Powder

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FLORISIL® or Mag-Sil is an activated magnesium-silicate adsorbent powder. PR (pesticide removal) grade was developed specifically for the removal of pesticides.

FLORISIL® has become an established industry standard for pesticides remediation due to its wide range of pesticide removal capabilities. Using FLORISIL® in your chromatography process also purifies and removes many other undesirable contaminants leading to a drastic improvement in color and quality of the end product.

Use of this product will alter pH and we suggest neutralizing any imbalance after your process has been completed.

  • Florisil A Grade: Standard activation grade, activated at 650° C
  • Florisil PR Grade: Pesticide residue analysis grade, activated at 675° C (**see note below)

Typical chemical composition of Florisil: MgO – 15.5%, SiO2 – 84.0%, Na2SO4 – 0.5%

* Inquire about other available grades, mesh sizes, and package sizes.

**Before shipment, each lot of the 60/100 Florisil PR grade is required to meet the performance characteristics as described in “Changes of Official Methods”, Journal of the A.O.A.C. Chapter 24.208(h), p.223, Vol. 49, Nov. 1, 1966.

* Florisil products are manufactured by U. S. Silica Co. Florisil is a registered trademark of U.S. Silica Co.

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