"GL" hose barbs, PFA (high -temp)

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GL (high-temp hose barbs) are high quality (made in Germany) hose barbs used to connect tubing to "GL" type glass threads. Made from PFA or PTFE theses hose barbs are vacuum tight and resistant to most chemicals and high temperatures. These barbs can be used up to 240°C for intermittent use, but should be kept below 180° to maintain structural rigidity.

We recommend these barbs for connecting vacuum to your cold trap with gl fittings.

We also recommend these barbs for performing hot condenser tech on your short path setup

  • Use 5/16" ID tubing for GL-14
  • Use 3/8" ID tubing for GL-18
  • Use 9/16" ID tubing for GL-25

*make sure to use high temp tubing such as viton (Do not use silicone tubing)


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