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Volumetric Flasks


A volumetric flask is a scientific glass used to hold and measure precise volumes of liquid. It is generally made of borosilicate glass, which is heat resistant and durable. Volumetric flasks are typically graduated, meaning that they have lines etched into them that indicate the volume of liquid inside. They are often used in chemistry labs to measure out precise volumes of reagents or solutions. Additionally, volumetric flasks can be used to make standard solutions, which are known concentrations of a substance that can be used to calibrate other lab equipment. Overall, volumetric flasks are an essential piece of glassware for any scientific laboratory.

There are two types of volumetric flasks: Class A and Class B. Class A flasks have a more accurately placed graduation mark and a unique serial number for traceability. Class B flasks are typically used for qualitative or educational work.

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