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VC 300 Vacuum Controller

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Our VC 300 vacuum controller is great for applications where the vacuum level must be kept within a certain level. Common uses include controlling the vacuum level of a rotary evaporator, vacuum ovens, or filtering flask. All parts in contact with vapor or liquid are made of PTFE, ceramics or other high-performance materials which effectively resists corrosion caused by organic solvents, water, acid and alkali. The large touch screen display is simple and easy to use. The VC 300 is easily programmable and can be used to set custom vacuum programs (up to 5 steps) for different vacuum levels at different times without intervention.

The controller works in two ways:

by venting to relieve the vacuum when the pump pulls below the set point. In this case the vacuum pump runs continuously and the vent valve can be connected to an inert gas source.


by powering the pump on when above the set point, and off when below.



Vacuum setting range 1-1000mbar
Vacuum Unit mbar
Control mode Single-point control mode, Programmed control mode
Custom programs Can store up to 5 programs, each containing 5-step control
Sensor overload pressure 1,500mbar
Max power for vacuum pump on/off mode 120V ≤300W, 240V ≤500W
Connector diameter 8mm
Materials in contact with vapor PTFE, PP, silicone and ceramics
Power 600W
Voltage, Frequency 110-240V,50/60Hz
Overall dimensions [WxDxH] 7.44x8.15x7.60"
Weight 8.8lbs
Permissible ambient temperature 50-104°F
Permissible ambient humidity ≤80% RH
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