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H30/45 Hotplate (No Stir)

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$959.00 USD Excl. tax
$959.00 USD Incl. tax

Hotplates H 30/45
The surfaces of the hotplates will remain a flat even after many thermal shocks. This means there is optimum contact between hotplate and vessel to guarantee for an even heating of the liquid. A thermostatic temperature control unit allows for stepless temperature control. The thermostat stops the heat up
procedure as soon as the set temperature has been reached. The desired temperature is set at the temperature control knob. A signal lamp indicates the
operation of the hotplate. The lamp is illuminated as long as energy is supplied to reach the set temperature.

  • Up to 2000W heating power
  • Durable stainless steel Housing


Temperature range [°C] 40 - 350
Heat output [W] 2000
shape of the heating surface rectangular
Material of the heating surface anodizing
Suitable for oil or sand bath -
Dimensions of the heating surface [mm] 450x300
digital display type -
temperature display -
timer display -
timer function -
ramp function -
Temperature control accuracy [°C] (internal control) ± 3
Accuracy of temperature control [°C]
(with external sensor)
interface -
Programmable safety temperature -
interface -
power supply [V] 230VAC 50Hz
weight [kg] 10.8
Width (mm] 465
Height [mm] 145
depth [mm] 315
protection class IP32
operating mode endurance run
certification CE
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